Meet Lindsay

Lindsay Matthews-Naumann LMSW, CST

Mxs. Lindsay Matthews-Naumann LMSW, CST
Founder, Director & Certified Sexual Health Psychotherapist

Clinically, Lindsay approaches therapeutic work from: a personable, feminist, strength based, queer, humanistic, sex positive perspective. This approach is backed by research driven interventions and education in the mental health and sexual health fields. Lindsay brings unique clinical strengths from her time at Michigan Medicine which enhanced her skills within the intersections of medicine, psychology and sexual health. 


Lindsay continues to advance these intersections by affirming the spectrum of human diversity, empowering individual expression, and intentionally tailoring treatment to the goals and desires of each client.


Lindsay believes that sexual health is a part of your overall health. Further, Lindsay values sexual health and pleasure and sees both as human rights. Lindsay seeks to support folxs who are looking for positive changes in their sense of sexual self, as well as, their overall mental health. 

Lindsay gives back to the community through a few different channels;  

She provides education and training for: medical fellows, residents and students at the University of Michigan School of Medicine. These medical professionals are completing a transgender elective with a focus on the role of sexual health psychotherapy.  She also currently serves on the Sexual Health Education Advisory Committee for the Ann Arbor Public Schools where she assesses curriculum for the school system’s sexual health education program.

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Education -

Current Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Sexology - Modern Sex Therapy Institute 


2018 - AASECT Certified Sex Therapist 


2017 - Certified KINK knowledgeable Therapist 


2017 - Post Graduate Sexual Health Certificate Program 

Sex Education & Sex Therapy - University of Michigan


2015 - Advanced Clinician - Michigan Medicine 


2012 - Masters Degree - School of Social Work - University of Michigan 


2010 - Bachelor’s Degree - School of Social Work - Eastern Michigan University 

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Ann Arbor Michigan
RISE - Resilient Inclusive Sexual Health Education & Therapy

Experience -

Current  Founder & Director of RISE - Resilient Inclusive Sexual Health Education & Therapy. Sexual Health Psychotherapist in LGBTQ+ Kink and Polyamory


2017- 2022  Integrative Empowerment Group 

Sexual Health Psychotherapist in LGBTQ+ Kink and Polyamory


2017 - 2021  Michigan Medicine Rogel Cancer Center

Sex Therapist in the Prostate Cancer Survivorship Clinic


2016 - 2021 Michigan Medicine Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital

Sex Therapist at the Center for Vulvar Disease Clinic


2016 - 2021 Michigan Medicine East Ann Arbor Medical Center

Sex Therapist at the Center for Sexual Health


2013 - 2016 University of Michigan Health System

Clinical Social Worker in the Medical Emergency Department

Lectures -

2022 - Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) 

University of Michigan Sexual Health Certificate Program 

Small Group Facilitator 


2021 - “ Sexual Health Survivorship” 

Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance - Cancer Community Lecture


2020 - “Reducing Health Disparities in LGBTQ Populations. 

Taking an Affirming Sexual Health Assessment” - Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical       

Office of Health Equity and Inclusion

University of Michigan Medical School


2020 - “Transgender Inclusion in Healthcare”

Graduate Pharmacy Ethics 

University of Michigan - College of Pharmacy


2019 - “Cisgender Female Sexual Function and Dysfunction”

University of Michigan Medical School 

Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents 


2018 - “Psychological Aspects of Vulvar Disease” 

Sexual Medicine Society of North America 

Miami Beach, Florida


2018- “Consensual Non-monogamy” 

University of Michigan Medical School

Psychiatry Residents 


2018- “Sexual Health in Older Adults” 

Milan Senior Center - Older Adults Community Lecture 


2018 - “Sexual Function/Dysfunction” 

University of Michigan Medical School 

Second year medical students in reproductive sequence education


2017 - “Everything you wanted to know about sexual health, but were afraid to ask”

Michigan Medicine Community Programs 

Turner Senior Resource Center 

2017 - “Human Sexuality and Professionals in the Field”

Undergraduate students 

Baker College 

2017 - Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) Day 

Michigan Medicine/University of Michigan 

Small Group Facilitator 


2016 - “Clinical Medical Social Work” 

University of Michigan Medical School 

First year residents, interdisciplinary education


2016 - “Incorporating Sexuality in Older Adult Populations”

Michigan Medicine 

Department of Social Work - Specialists in Clinical Geriatric Practice 


2015 - “Understanding State Licensure” 

University of Michigan -  Graduate School of Social Work

“You’re so knowledgeable and it comes across. There’s such an ease with the information you are providing which makes learning it as comfortably are you’re providing it.”

Feedback from “Clinical Medical Social Work” lecture at University of Michigan Medical School for First year residents, interdisciplinary education

Professional Memberships -


AASECT - American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors & Therapists



GLMA - Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality



ISSM - International Society for Sexual Medicine



ISSWSH - International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health

Professional Affiliates -

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Early To Bed - A feminist, sex-positive sex shop for everyone.

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**Please note that this website uses gendered language. Although we know this is not inclusive, they offer a great deal of help for folxs with vulvar sexual health concerns.

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Since 1971, The Pleasure Chest has firmly believed that everyone has a fundamental right to pursue sexual fulfillment. We support our community's sexual growth and exploration by pioneering a sex positive culture, with an emphasis on education, enjoyment, and inclusivity.