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Currently we are seeing people virtually within the state of Michigan. 


For Individual Therapy:

At this time we are accepting new clients who are Out of Pocket Pay or have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

For Relationship Wellness:

At this time we are accepting new clients who are Out of Pocket Pay only. 


Folxs with Out of Pocket Pay will receive a 'Good Faith Estimate' for care. 


RISE will also provide documentation, upon request, for folxs who would like to submit for potential reimbursement to their insurance companies. 

Out of pocket fees are excepted to be paid the same day as service. 

Credit cards will be set to pay automatically, and will be processed through our Simple Practice client site. RISE has made sure to use the most user friendly and safe platform to interface with our clients. To learn more about please visit this link

Credit Card.png

***Please note: Client information is encrypted and secure for ALL clients. 

However, IF you are concerned about the potential of insurance companies having access to your information; for those who pay out of pocket, your information is encrypted and not accessible to anyone you have not authorized, including insurance companies.***


Sliding scale may be available upon request and financial need

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Individual Therapy

Focuses on treatment and goals directed specifically at an individual.

Including mental health and/or sexual health treatment. 

Session fees vary per therapist

Please see our team page

Letters of Support

RISE believes that the requirement for letters of support in gender affirming care is perpetuating transphobia and medical gatekeeping. However, in light of current polices, we are emboldened to assist Trans/Non-Binary/GNC folxs with letters that support them on their individual path towards authenticity.

$175 an hour

Relationship Wellness

Focuses on treatment and goals directed specifically at two or more people. Which includes relationship formations that are larger than two; such as triads or polycules.

Session fees vary per therapist

Please see our team page

NOTE: Sex therapy does not involve sex, sexual touch, nudity, or physical examinations of any kind…Ever.

There are often misconceptions about what a sex therapist does as part of their therapeutic work with clients and what training is required to practice sex therapy. All sex therapists are licensed mental health professionals with a degree in social work (LMSW), psychology (PhD, PsyD), or psychiatry (MD) who have sought additional post-graduate training in supporting people with sexual health concerns/difficulties. Certified Sex Therapists (CST) have completed the required educational training, supervision, and clinical experience required by The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). 

Sex therapists work with individuals and relationships (2 or more people) to help resolve sexual health concerns. We assess multiple areas of a client’s life and collaborate with other medical providers to rule out and/or address physiological/medical attributes that may be contributing to the concern. RISE is an  affirming space which values the spectrum of human diversity, empowering individual expression, and intentionally tailoring treatment to the goals and desires of each client.


Just like traditional therapy for mental health concerns, sex therapists and clients talk and assess the situation through questions, descriptions of the concern, and collaboration with other medical providers. Certain treatment approaches and interventions may involve activities or exercises for the client to try in the privacy of their home, but these exercises never take place in a therapist’s office or during teletherapy. 

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