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Sexual Health Concerns RISE can help with

This is not an exhaustive list but some of the most common.

General Sexual Health Education 

Pleasure and Anatomy Education 

Diversifying/Expanding Erotic Templates

Infertility Education/Support  

STI Education/Support 

Illness, Accident, or Medical Treatment impacting Sexual Health 



Sexual Orientation - LGBQ+

Polyamory/Non-Monogamy Education/Support

Gender Identity & Expression - Trans/Non-Binary/GNC 


Dyspareunia (Pain with Penetration) 

Vulvodynia (Vulvar pain)

Vaginismus (Pain or Inability for Penetration)

Vestibulodynia (Pain at the introitus/entrance of vagina) 

Vulvar Disease (Lichen Sclerosus/Lichen Planus)

Aging Vulvar/Vaginal changes (Vaginal atrophy)

Inability to Orgasm (Pre-orgasmic)


Erectile Function 

Aging Erectile Changes 

Delayed/Early Ejaculation 

Post Prostatectomy Erectile Function


Desire Discrepancies

Sexual Assault Survivor 

Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor 

Out of Control Sexual Behaviors

Relationship Distress associated with Sexual Health

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