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Important note: when you click the % below you will be forwarded to a page with special discounts for RISE folxs and a small portion of the proceeds from your purchase will go to support RISE. Thank you!

Early To Bed Logo

Early To Bed - A feminist, sex-positive sex shop for everyone.

Intamite Rose Logo

Intimate Rose - Award-winning dilatorspelvic wands, and supplements developed by a doctor

**Please note that this website uses gendered language. Although we know this is not inclusive, they offer a great deal of help for folxs with vulvar sexual health concerns.

Pleasure Chest Logo

Since 1971, The Pleasure Chest has firmly believed that everyone has a fundamental right to pursue sexual fulfillment. We support our community's sexual growth and exploration by pioneering a sex positive culture, with an emphasis on education, enjoyment, and inclusivity. 

Professional Affiliates

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