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Lindsay's Fees:

Individual Therapy
200 per session

Relationship Wellness:
250 per session

Intensive Sessions:
Please inquire for fees

Please note: Lindsay's fees are 

Out of Pocket Pay Only.

Insurance is not accepted

More about intensive sessions:

Therapy Intensives go a step above extended therapy sessions by offering multiple hours of therapy in a single sitting. They are scheduled in one-day or multi-day increments. If you are interested in doing some intensive work with me please reach out to discuss your specific needs.


George - RISE therapy dog

Dr. Lindsay Matthews-Naumann PhD, LMSW, CST
Founder, CEO & Certified Sexual Health Psychotherapist

Lindsay is licensed in & can see people within Michigan (MI) & Illinois (IL)

All sessions are virtual & you must be in the state of MI or IL during your sessions

Hey folxs! I am Dr. Lindsay.


I founded RISE after identifying a gap in care for folxs and communities often marginalized. To me, sexual pleasure is an aspect of social justice and I believe competent and compassionate sexual health and mental health care are basic human rights.  


Professionally, I thrive in supporting those looking to create positive change within their Sexual Sense of Self™, as well as their overall mental health. I approach therapeutic work from a personable, feminist, strength-based, queer, humanistic, and sex-positive framework. I tend to have a more direct clinical style integrated with a compassionate and easy rapport. 


Within the field of sexual health, I am uniquely experienced as I have a clinical background within the intersections of medicine, psychology, and anti-oppressive practice. Most of my clinical experience comes from working at Michigan Medicine as a Sex Therapist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Urology, and the Center for Sexual Health. I have worked clinically as a Social Worker in the medical and psychiatric Emergency Departments. This is in addition to my clinical work within private practice. 


Through my doctoral work, I created a website, Decoding You, and coined a now trademarked term, Sexual Sense of Self™. The Sexual Sense of Self™ is defined as an individual’s personal, unique, and multifaceted perceptions of themselves in relation to sexuality. The Decoding You website is an interactive guide to exploring your Sexual Sense of Self™. Feel free to check it out here: 


Personally, I identify as a queer, neurodiverse, clairsentient, deeply passionate, and ambitious person. I love starting my day with a honey lavender oat milk latte. I often read multiple books at once and enjoy tending to my many, many plants. I am a vegetarian who loves animals and has been passionate about animal welfare and global sustainability since I was a kid! I am also a cancer survivor who understands aspects of disability and existentialism through both a personal and professional lens. I am a retired international figure skater, skating for Team USA for 10 years and I still compete nationally on the adult level. I have also played roller derby as a jammer with the Ann Arbor Derby Dimes. 


I have an adorable tiny rescue dog, George, who often joins me in therapy. So you may see his cute floof of a face on screen during sessions. 


​Leading from gratitude and abundance are important values for myself and RISE. I give back to the community through a few different channels:

  •  My doctoral project website is free and will remain free for all to view and engage with.

  • I provide education and training for medical fellows, residents, and students at the University of Michigan School of Medicine. These medical professionals are completing a transgender elective with a focus on the role of sexual health in transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive folxs.

  • I have also served on the Sexual Health Education Advisory Committee for the Ann Arbor Public Schools assessed sexual health curriculum for the public school system’s sexual health education program. 

  • Additionally, RISE gives back to the land that we occupy and to the local queer community. 


Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me. I encourage you to reach out to us at RISE and look forward to helping you get the care you deserve.

Populations Served:


  • Adults

  • Older Adults

  • Individuals

  • Couples 

  • Relationship formations larger than two (Triads, Polycules, etc)




  • Gender & sexuality identity development

  • Complex medical/identity/sexuality intersections

  • Highly Sensitive People, Intuitives, Empaths

  • Sexual concerns associated with illness, accident, and medical treatment

  • Mixed neurotype relationships 

  • Vulvar diseases/vulvar concerns 

  • Post prostatectomy/erectile changes

  • Consensual Non Monogamy


  • Personal expansion/growth

  • Pleasure and Anatomy Education 

  • Diversifying & Expanding Erotic Templates

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Lindsay is accepting new clients on a case-by-case basis.

Please get in touch with us to be scheduled. 

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