Professional Services

Services vary in price, please contact RISE for estimates.

Professional Consultation

Do you own a practice or are you a clinic manager who is looking to make a shift in the culture/education of your employees? For example, gender is often misunderstood and executed incorrectly in practice. Contact RISE to consult on areas within your practice that you desire to be more inclusive and welcoming.

Educational Lectures

RISE thoroughly enjoys educating groups of people, about sexual health topics. RISE has experience with lectures/education within small groups as well as large groups of 200+ people. From general community education on sexual health to specialized topics for physicians. If you are looking for a consistently positive and engaging speaker on an often stigmatized topic, please contact RISE about availability/offerings.

Form Review

Looking to make your practice more inclusive with the forms and language that you use? Not sure how to do it? Do you know what is correct? RISE has experience in reviewing and recreating inclusive forms to support the positive intentions of a practice.

Clinical Consultation

Are you a mental health professional who is interested in clinical consultation specific to a sexual health concern from your client(s)? Or are you simply looking to expand your practice lens to be more inclusive of all folks including sexual health? RISE is happy to consult and provide clinical treatment suggestions, resources, etc. to best support mental health professionals looking to expand in these areas.

Let's Work Together

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